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What is a Wiki??

The name is based on the Hawaiian term wiki wiki, meaning "quick" or "informal".

On the internet a Wiki is a type of a website or website software where visitors/users build and edit pages collaboratively. Everybody is allowed (and encouraged) to add and modify pages. Thus every reader is also an author. This might seem a bit unusual at first but once you get started you will understand its power. The idea is that as you are reading a page and something is unclear or inaccurate, you feel free to jump right in and improve it. Also if you see a topic that has not been covered you feel free to add a new page(s).

So Wiki makes for a rapidly growing and ever improving knowledge-base website for everybody's benefit! is a great example of Wiki at work where millions of users are building the world's largest free encyclopedia.

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Images on the PRIDE Wiki

  • A Windows share on Mission II, i.e., has been created to hold images to be displayed on the wiki.
  • This share can also be accessed using the web file services. The images are stored in the directory wiki-images.
  • To reference the images use a url of the form Here is a page with an example.
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